I have what you might call some swap meet friends. You know, friends that you pretty much only see at the swap meets. One of these guys, I've probably known for more than 20 years and we jokingly fight over parts every time we bump into each other. In the last year we've become closer and I finally made it over to his pad to see what he's been up to.

Arte is a somewhat quiet guy who keeps to himself. He's restored several bikes, but also builds customs that you might call Blend Bikes and does just about everything himself, including the paint. Once upon a time he had a few of his builds featured in magazines, but doesn't seek attention or need to be part of the 'cool crowd'.

His latest build is totally within his personal code. That is, to build bikes from mostly a blend of Harley parts from all eras. Parts he already has or happens to find a good deal on at the swap meet.
 If you knew Arte or his other bikes, you'd probably recognize this as one of his machines. Yes the style of the collector exhaust is a nod to Dick Allen. 
Alternator left side case. Classic style with modern touches. The trick is...  make them blend together.

You Spoke Up

Most posts get none or maybe one comment, but the post on 12 spoke wheels got a few people interested. 
 This is the billet wheel from IK Works Japan that Irish Rich mentioned. 

 Rich and Zeeman both mentioned this wheel from W&W. It will be produced in sizes 16"and 19". Whats' up with all those hub holes? That looks like a problem waiting to happen. to be fair, read the latest comments from the source.

Here's the Performance Machine billet version Rich mentioned seen here on Cole Foster's Special K. I'd forgot about them until Rich spoke up.
Besides the trouble to manufacture, to me, they don't cut it. The center hub where the spokes connect is very narrow making the two side's spokes almost inline which defeats the dimensional look of the originals. Instead it produces a less interesting wagon/stage coach wheel effect.

Artistic Knuck

8 posts down I featured my friend Arte's last build (Electra-Knuck). Here's a 1939 Knucklehead Semi-Bob Job he built. He has a way of detailing bikes that is his signature style. You'll see what I mean when I get around to posting more.

New Year's Header Redux

This New Year's Header is based on the ones I did for Jan. and Feb. 2012. I couldn't resist taking a bit from both and changing it some to reflect what's currently going on with Steve Sharp's rebuild of the Joe Hurst/Dick Allen chrome frame chopper. All three version are presented for your comparison. 
These two (above and below), are amongst my favorite headers.
By the way... for some reason the blog's headers at the top of the page haven't been loading with the same color and contrast as they should for the last several month's. Google, please fix this!
Also, sorry for the lack of posts. I was out of town for quite awhile and then had a hard time getting back to the old routine.

South Bay Sporty

I featured Tom Endres' Shovelhead last September. Here's his very special Sportster.   
 This bike has some real South Bay heritage. It once belonged to Ramon Noriega, Fats brother.

Last Week's LBSM

Unless I'm out of town, I go to every Long Beach MotorCycle Swap Meet. For awhile I was always taking a camera, but haven't done that for about 2 years.

That said, here's the only things I noticed that were pixel worthy.... or at least the first four were.
 This nice Knuck belongs to Flathead Fern' son. Sorry I forgot his name. In person, it looks more root beer in color.

Ratty chops seem to be more popular than ever.
 Found at the Cycle Zombies space. Is that Big Scott's latest?

 Another nice Knuck, but to me, the pipes look unfinished.

 I didn't know the circus was in town. 
It reminds me of a cartoon I once saw on a blog.

Born Loser Garage Party

Here's some photos from last Saturday's Born-Free-Loser Machine Garage Co. Party. 
Although this set of photos may not completely convey it, the word of the day seemed to be Panheads.

The cool thing about events like this is the diversity of styles. 
While the paint is a bit much, it's nice to see something different!

Nice Knuck. I wonder if he realizes just how rare that XLH/K-model rear fender is? Sporster guys would kill for it.
Yes this 1934 VL was ridden in.

Three seats for two.